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Pre-Order Policies

Pre-Orders++ Purchasing Policies:

Option 1) If all you are getting is pre-order item[s] you can choose to pay for them up front. Once they're in we ship it out to you right away. This is basically - you order, you pay, it comes and we ship. If you use a credit card for your payment method and wish to use this option, please make a note of it in your order comments.

PLEASE NOTE: Pre-order items that are paid for in full up front are given priority should allocations occur.

Option 2) If all you are getting is pre-order item[s] you can make a 20% non-refundable deposit for them and you have to bank in to us first, and the rest of the balance due once they are in stock, or upon shipment announcement. To use this option you MUST use the wire transfer payment option. All pre-orders submitted with Paypal as the payment option will be charged in full (customers will have to add additional 4% Paypal Fees) and will be processed with the pre-order option #1 method.

PLEASE NOTE: In the rare case that allocations should occur and we would be unable to fulfill your order, we will refund your 20% deposit if it's within 60 days and Paypal back your 20% deposit if it's been over 60 days.

Option 3) If you are purchasing more than just pre-order items you have to pay for the pre-order item[s] along with the rest of the order. (This is usually used by those in Malaysia that want to get the free shipping for orders over MYR$200.) If you place an order for an in stock item along with other items that are pre-orders, the order probably will not ship until all items are in stock, or we may ship at our option in multiple shipments. You may at any time request your in-stock shipments be sent for a small shipping fee; however, you will not be charged for partial shipments made at our discretion.

Option 4 Not implement Yet)# This option is for legacy customers only! If you have been given authorization to be marked as a legacy customer you can submit pre-orders without payment or deposit using the "Legacy Pre-Orders" option during checkout. This option is to continue to offer the services we have always offered to our legacy customers that never defaulted on their pre-orders. If you think you may qualify for this option and have not been notified that you do, you may email Tracy with a request for your account to be reviewed to see if you qualify or not.

#Option 4 may at some time in the future if/when the US economy recovers be offered again to all customers, so stay tuned. At present, too many customers have made their financial problems the problems of BigBangToy and as such, we can no longer allow the liability of offering it to new customers and previous customers that have defaulted on their BigBangToy credit.

** International pre-orders should be submitted separately from in stock items unless you wish to either (a) wait until the pre-order item[s] arrives and ship everything together OR (b) you wish to pay for each shipment as the stock arrives. In stock items and pre-ordered items for International orders with pre-ordered items will be held up to, but no longer than 3 months for shipments if they are paid in full in advance. If the pre-orders span longer than 3 months you need to break up the orders and/or be prepared to pay for separate shipments. If they are not paid in full in advance we will charge payment for each item as they arrive in stock. Each shipment for international orders must be paid separately. Please make a note of your wishes when placing your International order if this applies to you. International customers are always responsible for the shipping fees of EACH shipment, no exceptions. There is no free shipping on any shipment for International orders, ever.

*** Pre-orders can be canceled at anytime whether you pay in full or not. If you pay in full and cancel the pre-order item[s] you will be charged a 20% cancellation fee. Pre-orders canceled that have only been charged the 20% deposit will simply be canceled, with the deposit fee NOT refunded. Cancellation of pre-order items must be made by email.

Pre-orders Free Shipping Policies:

This applies to Malaysia residents ONLY as International customers are always responsible for the shipping fees of EACH shipment.

* Pre-orders with more than one pre-order item do not qualify for free shipping until MYR$200 is PAID.

* Regardless of the number of pre-order items, we will only guarantee ONE free shipment if the order qualifies for free shipping. You may at any time request your in-stock shipments be sent for a small fee; however, you will not be charged for partial shipments made at our discretion.

* If you cancel a pre-order and your pre-order purchase was a deciding factor on your original orders qualification on free shipping or not...we will charge the shipping fees due.

++ Pre-orders are orders for items that are not yet in stock, but are expected to arrive within sometime in the next 8 months. Most pre-orders will include an ETA [Estimated Time of Arrival] date in the product name and/or description. PLEASE NOTE: The pre-order dates are ETA dates for a reason - they are estimates, this means they are not guaranteed arrival dates. It is common for pre-orders to arrive a couple of weeks early and/or late. Sometimes they are very early, and sometimes they are very late. Please keep in mind, the dates are ESTIMATED and you should be fine. The ETA dates are given to us by the manufacturers, and the manufacturers reserve the right to change the ETA dates of all their products as they see fit in the production of said products. Here at BigBangToy we ship out all pre-ordered items as soon as possible once we receive them in stock, regardless of if they are late, early or on time, of there are delays and/or early arrivals, it is due to the manufacturer and/or distributing companies of said product.




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