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JND Studios - The Batman - Bruce Wayne 1/3 Scale Hyperreal Movie Statue
Retail Price: $13200.00
Your Price: $12200.00
Your Savings: $1000.00
Release Date: 3rd Quarter 2023
Preorder Dateline: Sold Out


The new Batman movie directed by Matt Reeves, unfold a gritty and noir detective story of a young and inexperienced Bruce Wayne prowling around Gotham City in his Batsuit with less high-techy gears. He is seen developing the skills to become the Batman we have love in the past. As a detailed oriented company, JND's team did it again for the likeness, feels and the look of this statue expressing his element in the movie. Batman and Bruce Wayne of The Batman (2022) is JND's 8th project, and it is also Gox's debut project. As a newest member in the art team and supported by head artist Kojun and his team, he produce a prototype of unbelievable likeness with a newly developed silicone painting technique. Standing at about 28" tall, this hyperreal collectible is an incredible addition to any Batman collection.




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