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Enterbay - 1/6 Scale - Bruce Lee Game Of Death 3rd Edition - Behind the Scene Edition
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Bruce Lee Game Of Death 3rd Edition: G.O.D. Behind the Scene Edition "Game of Death" was the film Bruce Lee had planned to be the demonstration piece of his martial art Jeet Kune Do and his theory, unfortunately he never managed to finish it. The yellow-and-black tracksuit which Lee wore in the film has come to be seen as something of a trademark for the actor, and is paid homage to in numerous other media. Over 100 minutes of footage was shot before his death, including lots of footages from behind the scene and NG shots. ENTERBAY would like to let all the Bruce Lee fans to have the opportunity to re-create this off the beaten path setting. PRODUCT INCLUDES Wax configuration features two incredible likeness Bruce Lee head sculptures: Damage Edition with movable eyeball system and Smile Edition head sculpt. Two sets of The Game Of Death costume: One is normal edition and the other one is Damage Edition with a foot print on it. Both costumes are made with real fabrication, and the overall product is more authentic Newly developed RM-X1 Original Action Body: Rubber coating action body with contractible biceps A wooden background stage A studio light (USB led light) A vintage 70s century hand-held movie camera A camera case A wooden Director Chair A movie clapperboard A vintage studio used loud speaker The classic Bamboo stick from The Game of Death A pair of yellow The Game of Death Nunchaks A Nunchaks holder 7 pairs of interchangeable hands A pair of socks A pair of Game of Death yellow sneakers A FS-201 figure stand Deluxe package Worldwide Limited Edition of 5000 sets, each set would have their very own serial number on each package Produced and Manufactured by ENTERBAY




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