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XM Studios - Art Series - Viking Thor Collectibles Statue
Retail Price: $4200.00
Your Price: $3900.00
Your Savings: $300.00
Release Date: 1st Quarter 2019
Preorder Dateline: While Stocks Last


XM's Art Series is an initiative to promote and support original work by incredibly talented artists. Often, Artists create original works but are unable to fund and manage the product life cycle process; manufacturing, production, quality control, packaging, marketing and distribution. As a result, many of these amazing works never get the chance to be produced which is a great pity. XM created this Art Series line specially to help give these Artists a chance to make their original creations into reality - turning concepts into the finest quality cold cast porcelain products; the renowned XM quality. While there are no licensing fees due to originality of these concepts, these Art Pieces will only be produced in strictly limited quantity (It's Art Pieces - not collectibles) so they will not be cheap as no efforts will be spared. Only the highest quality raw materials, design and engineering, packaging and quality assurance will be used. And the final product is the heart, mind and soul of the Artists - no interference from XM or licensors, just pure unadulterated original work of art by the artists you love and support. From a sustainability perspective, there needs to be minimum order quantity, defined as goals, before the project makes it to production and surpassing the goal means more bonus for the Artists, yay! Rest assured - XM pledges that Artists are guaranteed to be fully paid on professional commercial standards even in the event the project does not commence due to insufficient orders. This is XM's investment and commitment in supporting these Artists. This is the Art Series.




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