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Sideshow - Star Wars Collectibles - C-3PO Legendary Scale(TM) Figure
Retail Price: $11800.00
Your Price: $11500.00
Your Savings: $300.00
Release Date: 3rd Quarter 2017
Preorder Dateline: 30 May 2016


C-3PO may have begun his existence as nothing much more than a protocol droid, but we know better. We know that in his cursed metal body are the circuits of a would-be hero to the Rebellion. Well, if not a hero exactly, then a constant friend and companion to R2. The limited edition C-3PO Legendary Scale™ Figure by Sideshow is a breathtaking representation of our favorite interpreter. This 1:2 scale figure stands at just over 3 feet tall and is rich with screen accurate details and accessories, such as: Light-up eyes Magnetic restraining bolt Articulated head Removable hip screw Interchangeable shoulder O-rings The combination of accessories allows proud owners to display C-3PO in the configuration that they most identify with from the movies.




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