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TakaraTomy - Transformers Movie Dual Model Kit DMK01 Optimus Prime
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TRANSFORMERS MOVIE 3 Dark of The Moon OPTIMUS PRIME DUAL MODEL KIT DMK 01 New series of Transformers Dark Of The Moon Dual Model Kit. The kits already feature an extremely poseable all-metal frame and can be stripped down to the frame. 1/35 scale Optimus, detailing the precise reproduction of the very best in the movie Pre-painted!! The precise figures detailing the deformation in the movie can not be reproduced, reproduces exhaustive. As well as soft tire and runner for print reproduction's fine markings as well as to complete the super mode just assembled. Movable core body (DKB24) chip. Armor parts moving mechanism, can reproduce the same variety of action poses in the movie! Enhancing a variety of option parts. Optimus Prime is for the arms (selectable how to install) and comes with an open face. Complex for advanced users who enjoy the painting is also included. Character Reference is also included.




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